Marquise Media Group (MMG), a Hispanic women-owned production company, has created three (3) programs, “Tejano Today,” “Tejano Next,” and “Tejano Next Top 10 Countdown.”  The programs are half hour shows.  MMG is also producing “La Fe Café ‘Where Jesus Speaks Tejano’.”  Two (2) additional programs are now also streaming.  They are: “Mundo Tejano” and “Tejano Late Night.” We specialize in programming that targets an audience that loves the Tejano culture.

Tejano Today” is an English/Spanish speaking program with a host and two (2) guests.  The show is an original idea aimed at creating a dialog for the revival of Tejano music.  The host will lead the discussion with the guests on topics such as:

       * What is “Tejano”?  Is it a culture, the music, or both?

       * What are the differences of Tejano at its peak in the 90s and today?

       * Is Tejano dying?  Is it being passed to the next generations?

       * What is the accessibility to Tejano music?  TV?  Radio?  Shows/concerts?  Social media?

The guest list includes:

▪ Bobby Pulido                                                                              ▪ Leo Correa (La Calma)

▪ David Farias (formerly La Tropa F)                                        ▪ Lalo Reyna III (Elida Reyna y Avante)

▪ Gabriel Zavala                                                                            ▪ Sunny Sauceda

▪ Stefani Montiel                                                                           ▪ Joey Jimenez (Grupo Masizzo / formerly Siggno)

▪ Javier Galvan ( Grupo Fama)                                                  ▪ Rick Fuentes (The Brown Express)

▪ Savannah V (TMA Video of the Year)                                     ▪ Stevie D

The host is Francisco Chapa.  He was raised on Tejano music and grew up listening to his uncles’ music, the founding members of Tierra Tejana (Hijas de Don Simon), to assisting in the management of a family owned night club.  He has worked with La Mafia and Los Tigres del Norte as a technician as well as Grupo Fama and Stefani Montiel as a stage musician.  Francisco has also produced and recorded Johnny Arreola (Los Palominos) and Javier Galvan (Grupo Fama) just to name a few. In addition, he is also an audio engineer and songwriter.  He brings personal experiences to the conversation. 

Tejano Next” is an English/Spanish speaking program featuring Tejano music videos with a host.  The program showcases the latest music videos featuring renown Tejano artists as well as rising Tejano artists.  “Tejano Next Top 10 Countdown” counts down the music videos featured on “Tejano Next.”

Tejano Late Night” is an English/Spanish speaking program featuring Tejano celebrity interviews in an intimate but informal setting.  The program is hosted by Alec Gomez, a member of the award-winning Tejano band, Sunny Sauceda y Todo Eso.

La Fe Café” is an English/Spanish speaking Christian Tejano program “Where “Jesus Speaks Tejano.” Bringing you hope … Lifting your spirit … and blessing you with The Joy of the Lord.  The show is hosted by Javier Galvan. Galvan is an award-winning singer, songwriter and founding member of the internationally acclaimed group Fama.

Mundo Tejano” is an English/Spanish speaking entertainment program featuring satirical news and highlighting Tejano pop-culture.  The program presents the latest trending Tejano news.  The program is hosted by Andrea Gonzales along with a guest host.

Tejano has its internationally famed La Mafia, Selena, and Emilio Navaira as well as the legendary artists such as Little Joe, Ruben Ramos, and Augustin Ramirez.  Now, Tejano fans should be introduced to artists who want to carry the torch and not allow Tejano music to fade to embers.  “Tejano Today,” “Tejano Next” and “Tejano Next Top 10 Countdown” will ensure this does not happen and will also pay homage to those who pioneered the sound.